The notebook

_DSC8216_42551All my ideas start here, in my trusted notebook. It goes where I go. Sometimes I write in an idea for a story, reflect on something I have read, or develop a train of thought. But more importantly opening up (and always sniffing) the pages of the Moleskine is my time to pause; to try and understand everything happening around me.

In primary school I was told to write down an idea for a story immediately, otherwise I would lose it forever. Naturally, there were times throughout my childhood when I failed to reach for a pen and paper, and as the years have rolled on there will no doubt have been many more missed ideas.

But at least I managed to capture some of them. My initial notes for A Missing MC were written on tiny pocket books and old diaries. When I started writing the book in Newcastle, my then flatmate Chuan could see my keenness to be a writer. After weeks of seeing me hunched over a laptop in the living room, Chuan rewarded me with this precious gift you see today.

My first entry was made in a kebab shop in London, on 25 March 2008.