A Note from the Editor

In his first novel Asmar Gondal creates an intimate, intoxicating world with plenty of heart.

He manages to bring his places as well as his people into glorious life.

He explores the eternal themes of friendship, maturity and ambition, against a heady backdrop of electronic music and international politics. And he does it in one small snapshot of time.

Approaching this as an editor I wondered whether I would be put off by the Drum ‘n’ Bass motif. I wasn’t. It’s simply the quirky background music.

Gondal’s strength is in his ability to make you care about his protagonist and what happens to him.

It’s subtly done; through sharp, credible dialogue and careful scene-setting.

His geography throughout is unerringly precise yet we learn about his cast of characters through what they do and what they say rather than how they look.

The fact we are left with such a strong impression of Chris Ready ‘s youthful complexities is a great tribute to Gondal’s writing. He builds vivid pictures in your mind

If ‘Ready and Strait’ are of a moment in time, A Missing MC captures its very essence.

01JanDisleyJan Disley