A Missing MC
A novel by Asmar Gondal

‘MC Strait would just vanish, like an angel. And now he’s gone and done it again.’



Chris Ready may be recognised as the most versatile DJ in Leeds, but he has been caught cold by a digital revolution where IT geeks hold more sway than his musty record collection.

It’s a far cry from Ready’s romantic beginnings as a student DJ at the turn of the century, dazzling Drum ‘n’ Bass nights with his old sidekick, MC Strait.

When Ready discovers that Strait, now travelling in South America, has been kidnapped by Colombian guerrilla fighters, he gets drawn into a family’s emotional campaign and decides to reconnect with the old friends who shared the ‘Ready and Strait’ heyday.

But when the pilgrimage for Strait becomes an insight into the intriguing world of twenty-something, Ready starts to wonder whether his beloved ‘crew’ have forgotten the Values of the mercurial MC, and plunges into an identity crisis he never saw coming…

Set in newly refurbished Leeds, amid the backdrop of a country basking in the final months of lofty Blairite aspirations, A Missing MC is a novel about how friendships change over time and the burden growing up can place on precious ideals.

“Excellently written … kept me hooked all the way through”

“Ex-university students, music lovers and quarter-life crisis  sufferers, read A Missing MC

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