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FROM THE NOTEBOOK: The same old tragedy

As I write things are getting more and more out of hand in Gaza. The priority must be some kind of ceasefire, but despite international condemnation we fear that more civilians in Gaza will be needlessly massacred before we get to that point.

When I last posted the world was hoping for calm after the devastating news that the three kidnapped Israeli teenagers had been murdered. I could just about focus on normal business then but today it feels odd for me to update a largely apolitical blog about reading and writing without at least acknowledging our same old tragedy, intensifying right now.

Especially as I’ve been leafing through my notebook and found something relevant to share.    

La Paz, 22 August 2011

The conversation in Cusco with the Israeli guy with the fast heart rate made me a little bit more sympathetic to those among them who travel. He spoke about how he could not fully trust Arab Israelis even though they were his friends. He was reasonable and spoke with fairness.

Looking back on that I am reminded of a scene from ‘Waltz with Bashir’. And furthermore a line from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, which I am currently reading, rings true:

“Atrocities are sometimes nothing less than the vengeance of the tormented.”