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NEWS: A Missing MC to feature in reinvented ‘green’ telephone box

I’m delighted to announce that A Missing MC has been granted a free plug in the London telephone box that has captured the imagination after being reinvented into a solar-powered mobile phone charger.

It’s one of two creative projects benefitting throughout November from a generous pledge the founders of the green phone box, the ‘solarbox’, made when setting out their vision.

The award-winning entrepreneurs are ring-fencing 30% of their advertising space for community partners, including artists and grassroots drama each month.

A Missing MC’s complimentary 20-second slot will feature throughout the month of November, as part of a digital advertising loop on display in the solarbox while passersby can drop in for free to top up their phone batteries.

Needless to say I’m thrilled with this development. I took a punt and approached the founders of solarbox after I heard about their initiative for creative projects. It’s a privilege to be granted an ad for November, a gesture for which I’m immensely grateful.

Once a user of the solarbox has finished topping up their mobile or tablet, they could download A Missing MC within seconds.

Kirsty Kenney, co-founder and director of solabox, said: “It’s fantastic to have Asmar and A Missing MC on board. I’m delighted that solarbox is attracting attention from people outside of London”.

The green telephone box has grabbed international headlines thanks to the novel idea of bringing an iconic but disused feature of London streets into the 21st century.

solarbox is the winner of the Mayor’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur 2014 competition. The first (and only) solarbox was launched on Tottenham Court Road on 1 October 2014.

It was co-founded by Kirsty Kenney and Harold Craston in 2013, then geography students at the London School of Economics. They are currently working hard to bring more solarboxes to the streets of London.

Twitter – @solarboxlondon
Instagram – @publicspacejam