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FROM THE NOTEBOOK: A passage for I Don’t Yet Know What

While I have a vague idea for where this will be used, nothing is certain. This is what happens when I get an idea, sit down and write it into the notebook as an actual passage. It can be improved on, developed, but what you see below is pure and unedited from the day I dreamt it up…  

Oldham, 16 April 2014

His Dad used to take him to the motorway bridge in summer evenings, the lowering sunshine draping them. Why? Why not go somewhere more interesting? Maybe it was a fascination, or maybe it was his Dad’s way of trying to say they weren’t yet where they needed to be. Let’s watch the accomplished, assured sprint of the BMWs in the outside lane, the vans and trucks ending their shifts, the classic Jag drifting at its own pace in the slow lane. All of them had direction, the one thing that often seemed lacking in the background of his upbringing.