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FROM THE NOTEBOOK: A thought on being in your twenties

I will sometimes use this blog to share entries I made into my notebook (click here to find out why the notebook is so vital to my writing). Here, I am reflecting on what it can mean to be in your twenties, at a time when A Missing MC was still being structured. What I wrote down that day significantly shaped the novel as you see it today….

Manchester, 7 October 2008

I’m learning that during my twenties, the lessons I have learnt have not been linear. Not like when you go to school, then college, then you get a job or go to University etc. It’s as if sometimes something very basic has eluded me while on the other hand I’ve been dealing with some complex things.

Is it like that for everyone? I can’t remember what my friends said. Need to ask them.

For example.. what about this for not learning in a linear way.. when travelling, I think it’s the first impression that sticks.. the Amsterdam, Paris, Prague (!) when you first come across it.