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In writing ‘A Missing MC’ I answered The Big Question

I introduce myself as ‘the proud author of A Missing MC’; not just because of the story I created but more because I answered ‘yes’ to a big, burning question, arguably the biggest of all; ‘can I write a book?’

I soon discovered that wrapped up within this were many more, smaller questions. Would my plot work? Could my world be plausible and enjoyed? Would I be as interested when I resumed draft one in Manchester, a full eight months after the speedy, zealous way in which I researched, planned and drafted the first three chapters in Newcastle? Would I be able to retrieve the style in which I was writing? Would I give my narrator the clear voice he deserved?

Would it all turn out the way I’d pictured it?

The answer to all these questions, while varied, all combined to give me a positive answer I could live with. That is why I am so proud today.

But my fulfilment is really down to one thing; the hardest of hard work at the very beginning. That early period in Newcastle laid solid foundations for the years that followed. The detailed research and most comprehensive planning of that early period made everything else, more or less, fall into place.

Today, the answer to the Big Question also leads me to a statement; I wrote one book, so I can write another. Proud I may be, but there’s much more for me to explore in life after Chris Ready; countries, cultures, adventures, hatred, love.

I can hardly wait, but first I must roll my sleeves up again.